Welcome Tom & Angela Conry, lot #01!

We here at The Delfin would like to offer a warm welcome to Tom & Angela Conry from San Jose, CA. Tom and Angela are probably some of this world’s most unique retirees. For the last 4 years they have been traveling the continents having exited from San Jose, CA, traveled to the tip of the Americas and now are back on their way up. Tom is a retired San Jose, CA firefighter which has us all feeling wonderful to have a well-qualified skillset on-hand.

In their travels, they were quick to note that “Ecuador has the very best roads in South America”, and they would know since they’ve driven pretty much all of them.

It’s also worth noting that no mention of their travels should be passed without giving due credit as well to their dog Winston. He’s hung in for the duration and seems all the younger for it.


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