CNN - "Ecuador is Tourism Powerhouse"

This is a relevant note we figured was worth sharing since it deals with the value of your investment in Ecuador.

Everyone wants to have some signal that where they are buying is appreciating in value. Make sense. Sometimes those signals come as small almost unnoticeable instances and sometimes they beat you over the head.

It seems like the latter of the two is what is happening when CNN votes Ecuador #5 in the list of places to see in 2014, call it a “Tourism Powerhouse” and notes the country’s $6,000,000 tourism investment.

AARP continually votes Ecuador the #1 place to retire, House Hunters is on episode #4 here in Puerto Cayo alone, it just keeps getting better.

For one of the best sources for real estate in ecuador, you can see our feature on:

We won’t even get into the golf course coming soon.

So, it’s always our choice to take signals or not to but in this case, we just wanted to put it out there that this seemed like a signal worth taking.

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