Beachfront Luxury in Ecuador

The Delfin is a small luxury community designed to meet the expectations of those specific individuals wanting to enjoy a high standard of living along the coast of Ecuador. With only seven residences in the community, owners will enjoy a unique sense of luxury, seclusion and privacy.

Cost Competitive? Affordable? Absolutely.

Luxury 2,500 sq. foot, 3 story beachfront home starting at $205K,
where else does that happen?

There are only seven villas which keeps the community intimate with no crazy HOA hassles to deal with. This means for $205K, you can have a 2,500 sq. foot home with rooftop sundeck and office, 4 full bathrooms in a gated community and all with none of the hassle if you were to try and do this yourself.
Not to mention you would easily spend more to do so.
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Puerto Cayo Ecuador

Finding the location for The Delfin had to be perfect. After searching for more than a year along the Ecuadorian coastline, it was any easy choice to settle on Puerto Cayo. Puerto Cayo sits in the Manabi province of Ecuador and is a tranquil beach community backed by a gorgeous cloud forest. The community is friendly and without a single traffic light in the town, Puerto Cayo defines the luxurious sense of relaxation we wanted to embrace.

A No-Hassle, Catered Experience

The highest quality design and construction, with none of the stress.

Luxury Community

While not quite a resort, the architecture, environment and amenities are intended to provide you a premium experience in a oasis style fashion. Owners will have the comfort of knowing they can return to the privacy and environment of their secure, private community at any time.

Let us do the work

Most Americans and Canadians moving to Ecuador don’t realize the stress of constructing a home in a foreign country where they don’t speak the language. Happily, “El Delfin” is designed to deliver a luxury lifestyle and meet this growing demand currently being left unfulfilled.

Beachfront Living

The community organization is designed to offer a 180 degree beach view from all roof terraces and some 2nd floor balconies. Lots 1 & 2 will be exclusive with beachfront facing facades allowing those lucky owners to walk from kitchen to sand.

Small and gone fast

With only seven villas, they unfortunately will go fast. Marketing of The Delfin only started as of December 1st and we are already sold out. If you are considering The Delfin as an option, please feel free to contact us anytime with questions you might have. The Delfin is a special project for us and it is our goal to deliver an amazing experience.

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Note from the founders:

(Something we think is both special and not always considered)

We are a full-scale real estate and construction group that live where we work. Puerto Cayo is our community and we bring the benefit of our experience of working in Ecuador and having vetted and formed every relationship we have to our projects.
Even if you don’t live within The Delfin, we want you to know, our door is open for you to ask our opinion or guidance on any questions you may have. Our goal is that your Ecuador experience is the most enjoyable, fulfilling, safe and positive one you can have.
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